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Lunar Series

Your bi-monthly dose of sacred mindfulness, helping you to live with intention and vibrancy. In sync with the new moon and the full moon each month, be guided to tune into our intuition and tap into the flow of the universe, using meditation, guided visualization, journaling, and more.

The new moon practice guides you through intention setting aligned to the energies of the lunar month. The full moon practice is all about celebrating growth and releasing what no longer serves you. Each month brings new themes, always guiding you to feel more aligned & in the flow... recentered, refocused & reinvigorated. ​


When you join the Lunar Series membership, the guided practices are sent to you in the New Moon and Full Moon emails for you to follow along when you have time. Each New Moon and Full Moon guide is designed to offer you 30 minutes to 1 hour of spiritual self-care.

Join for one month or continue to cultivate your practice every month, plus gain access to the Lunar Series Collective online community for ongoing support and connection. 

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