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Corporate teams are over-worked and burnt out. I help teams find purpose and passion in their work, inspiring and energizing them as they find deeper, lasting fulfillment. Results include boosts in job satisfaction, creativity, productivity, team-work, retention/longevity and more.

As leading Reiki Master in the corporate world, Grace Emmons has supported dozens of companies around the country and the globe- helping professionals reawaken their passion and inspiration while rejuvenating mind, body and soul.

  • Executive leadership coaching

  • 1-1 coaching for professionals

  • Seminars to inspire & uplift 

  • Speaking & facilitation at company events and retreats

Client Feedback

Wāiakea has seen massive improvements in team morale and communication since working with Grace & her team. We have used their services for the last two years, both in weekly company-wide wellness sessions and quarterly Leadership off-sites. Since a majority of our team works remotely, our virtual Monday morning mindfulness sessions jump-start our week by focusing on reducing anxiety, improving focus, and resetting our mindset. While quarterly, our team participates in a more extensive in-person session where we are able to focus on building core connections and trust, while being vulnerable with one another in a safe space. I would highly recommend Grace & her team for all your corporate needs. You will see immense growth within your teams in just a few sessions! 


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