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5 Day

Energy Refresh

Reset - Refocus - Refresh

After a year of this global pandemic, research shows that 25% of women in the US are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety can feel like being on edge or restless, having trouble concentrating, feeling a sense of worry or fear, increased irritability, or trouble sleeping. For many of us, this is totally new territory, we may not even realize what we’re feeling is anxiety, let alone know how to manage it.

This 5-day program is designed to offer you practices and tools to reduce stress and anxiety, helping you reset, refresh, and refocus… returning to your natural state of wellbeing. Programming draws from reiki, mindfulness, and psychology.

No experience required, all levels welcome. 

How it works: Once you enroll, you will receive an email each day focused on a new concept, with a short guided practice to follow, and a tool to try on your own.

Investment: $50 value. 15 minutes a day. 5 days.

Available to you for $25.

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